Dewas District in Ujjain Revenue Division, is situated on the Malwa plateau in the West-central part of Madhya Pradesh and lies between 20°17´ and 23°20´ North latitude and 75°54´ and 77°08´ East longitude. The district is bounded by Ujjain district in the north, Indore district in the west, West-Nimar district in the south-west, East Nimar district in the south, Hoshangabad district in the South East, Sehore district in the east and Shajapur district in the North-East. The tropic of cancer passes through the district near Nemawar village south of Khategaon town.

  1. Area: 7020 Sq. Km.
  2. Population: 15,63,715
  3. Language: Hindi
  4. Density/KM2: 223
  5. Male: 8,05,359
  6. Female: 7,58,356