Name of the Department Fisheries Department, Dewas
E-mail ID of the department
विभाग का पता Office of The Assistant Director Of Fisheries fruit Amrket Goya, Dewas (M.P.)
Phone/ Mobile number 07272-252801
Link to Departmental website
Departmental Schemes (State Schemes)

Extension and Training

 The fishermen of all categories will get 07 days training amount of Rs. 2775.00 per trainee

Fisheries Extension

All classes have an amount of Rs. 15000.00 per hectare in 10 year lease period

Fisherman Co-operative

All classes have an amount of Rs 150000.00 per 100 hactare in 10 years lease period
Departmental Schemes (Central Schemes)  

1. Construction of Ponds/tanks  on their own land

1.00 ha Amount on pond construction is Rs. 7.00 Lakh

2.Inputs for construction  of ponds/tanks on their own land

4.00 lakh per hectare (0.5 to 2.0 hectares)

3. Feed Mill Scheme

Amount Rs 10.00 Lakh per unit

4. R.A.S.(Rec Aqua Culture system)

Amount Rs 50.00 Lakh per unit

5. Saving Cum Relief Scheme

Amount per member Rs. 150 / – per month for 10 months, then the amount will be Rs.of 3000 / –

6.Establishent of Kiosk/retail fish market

All classes amount to 100 square feet. 10.00 Lakh

7Motor cycle with ice box

Amount Rs 0.75 Lakh per motorcycle

8. Auto rikshaw with ice box

Amount Rs 3.00 lakhs per auto rickshaw

9. Establishment of circular hatchary

2.00 ha. Amount on land Rs. 25.00 Lakh

10. Pen/Cage culture

3.00 lakh  per cage

11. Establishment of ice plant

50.00 lakhs expenditure on 20 ton ice plant

12. Biofloc technique

Amount Rs 7.50 Lakh per unit                     

13  Mobile Market van

Amount Rs 20.00 Lakh per unit