Pre History

Western Madhya Pradesh was formerly included in the Avanti Janpad. In the survey of Dewas district fossils and stone tools are found village Pastipura, Palasi, Nemavar etc. upper Paleolithic tools are found village Ghantya kala in Sonkatch Tehsil

The name Dewas is indicator of archaeology in it self. In the middle of Dewas city, the Rock cut Image of Devi Chamunda belonging to 9-10 century A.D. is situated on the Chamunda hill. It’s ancient name is Dewas as mentioned in old incriptions. Nagda, Bilavali, Bangar and Ghantykala are Chalcolithic sites. Nikalank village represents the Gupta period site.

Nagda, Bilawali, Nemawar. Sia, Tonkkala, Niklank, Nayata Kala, Karnawad, Dhantalab, Bijwad, Chabara Dhira, Pipalranwa, Ghadhanvarpuri etc. are Parmar sites. Here we found temple remains, Images and archaeological exhibits, Sitavan is an originally Yogini Temple, that was built in Parmar period. Now it is totally ruined out only we found some yogini images.

There are some Rock Cut Images at ChandraKeshar near Village Khedakhal, Rajor near Nemawar and Dewas. Shershah Suri built the mosque of Satwas in sixteenth Century, here we found many beautiful Bawaries belonging to Mughal period. We also find mural paintings in the temples of Dewas city belonging to Maratha period.