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उप चुनाव – 2020

स.क्र. उपचुनाव के सम्बन्ध में जानकारी
1  All latest election manuals in pdf format
2  All latest prescribed forms by ECI in Excel or pdf
3  Latest electoral rolls drilling  down to polling station level
4  Link to important website  – ECICEOMPNVSP
5 All Video released by ECI and CEOMP
6 EVM-VVPAT awareness material Photo and Videos
7 SVEEP activities Photo and Videos
8 Latest list of Election official RO/ARO BLO/BLO Supervisor etc.
9 Latest list of officials of political parties
10 Latest details of EP ratio and Gender ratio
11 Photos and Videos for measures taken for PwDs
12 Latest DEMP
13 Latest District SVEEP Plan
14 List of tender for election activities
15 Latest list of AMF at Polling Station