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The town lies at the foot of a conical hill known as the Chamunda Tekri or hill of the Goddess Chamunda, which rises sum 300 feet above the general level. The town derives its name from the hill, which owing to the shrine upon it, was known as Devivasini (the goddess residence). The Chamunda hill is mounted by a broad flight of stone steps, at the summit is an image of the goddess cut in the rocky wall of a cave. There are mainly two shrine of goddess called as Choti Mata (Chamunda Mata) and other Badi Mata (Tulja Bhavani Mata).

Chamunda Devi Tample View Tulja Bhavani


Bilavali village is situated on A. B. road about 3 K.M. North of Dewas. There is a temple of Lord SHIVA called Mahakaleshwar. The "SHIVLING" has an unique feature that it is increasing in size every year. A fair is organized every year on the occasion of "Maha Shivratri".

Gate of Temple Shivling


Kela Devi temple is the biggest one in M.P. Originally the Kela Devi temple is situated in Karoli at Rajasthan. At Dewas Kela devi temple is situated at Mishri Lal Nagar (Agra Bombay Road). Its white marble gate is one of the attractive part of the temple which is built by South Indian artists. Every year during Chaitra Navaratri a big Mela (exhibition) is held which is also a part of attraction for all the disciples.


On the bank of river Narmada consists of a Shrine, Sabha-Mandapa and porch. Spire one shrine adorned with cluster of miniature Shikaras. Paramedical roof over mandapa which and the porch probably added to or repaired later. Built in the time of the Parmaras of Malwa.


In the year 1942 the Dewas Ruler Shrimant Sadashive Rao Maharaja (Khase Saheb) was the founder of GIRIJESHER TEMPLE. The approachable road of this temple is built after cutting the hills at that time. A numbers of great Hindu religious personalities "Sant and Mahatmas" were stay here time to time and preach the people of Dewas.


Dharaji is a place of religious, historic and of tourist interest. Which is located on the bank of Narmada, situated in the Dharaji village of Bagli tahsil. Narmada creates a beautiful waterfall hear. Lacks of people gather hear two times a year on Amawasya, with a faith in their mind that this place has mystical power to relieve a person from Evil powers. The pindies of lord Shiva (Shivlings) are found hear are considered so pious that it does not require "Pran Pratishtha" before installing in a worship place.

Swami Vishnu Teerth Swami Narayan Teerth Dev


Literally speaking Dewas before as an industrial region to be known it is in fact the holy place. Where the divine personalities exposed their radiations. Sheelnath Maharaj is one of the beams of the Divine Light. He was belonging to a royal of family of Jaipur, but form very early period of life were not interested in worldly materialistic affairs, so turned towards Yogies & then at Sultanpur of district Hansi at Punjab he felt well with the community of Gorakh Sinddha Sumpradaya. In 1839 he got diksha from Ilachy Nath Maharaj belonging to the same community then for next continues 36 years he was in "Yog Sadhana". Once a while he was passing from the forest region of Dewas, the very natural environment & the peaceful situations mate the yogi according to his favorable existence & so he started living in Dewas. The Judge Balwant Rao Bapu invited him to stay at Ranibag & afterwards the present State authority "Malhar Rao Pawar" (Choti Pati) influenced by his divine grace & then dedicatedly provided some facilities. In 1921 he left his physical body during this long period of staying at Dewas many people have got his "Ashirwad" & inspiration towards the real path of life, the few of them are like Balkdasji Maharaj, Rajjabli Khan Sahab & Pt. Kumar Gandharva.


In Matmor village of tehsil Bagli, which is situated in Dewas district locates the holy Jain pilgrimage Shivpur, better known as Shri Manibhadra Veer Shvetamber Jain meditation and devotion center. At this place a chariot shaped temple was installed and inaugurated on 19-5-91 in the presence of thousands of devotees under the divine guidance of Shri Veer Ratna Vijayji Maharaj Sab. At this pilgrimage there are various amenities available to pilgrims and devotees like library, Old age center, pantry, residence for Jain teachers, retiring rooms for pilgrims, manuscripts of old poetry, astrological healing methods of tantra, yantra & mantra in form of manuscripts etc. The pilgrimage is situated in fantastic natural environment and provides free food to pilgrims. Here the pilgrims can listen to the sermons of Shri Veer Ratna Vijayji Maharaj Sab.


The Grace church is an ancient church of Dewas. It was built in 15 April 1928, by the efforts of professor J. W. Johary, who prepared the blue prints and look after it. One of the late Rulers His Highness the Maharaja Mallhar Rao Panwar gave the Christians land and the money to build their own place of worship and subsequently this small beautiful church is the living proof of the generosity of the late Ruler. Rev. G. William (1917 to 1938) was first ordained Minister of the Grace church congregation.



This gurudwara is situated on A.B. Road near bus stand.