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B.R. Bodade's paintings at the very glance give the impression of `visuals' we see all around us. Apart from today's regular trend his paintings are figurative having social themes. The humanized the various scenes in more poetic tones. There is rhythm in the movement of his strokes and flow in the idea which catches the viewer. Like poem, painting is also a comment of the painter. Bodade is a painter who creates what he feels. He can be very easily taken as the spokesperson of the downtrodden common man of the society.

The common man, who seems to be spineless, still has weak spine, his extracted (by others) elongated muscles still exist and the slumber `have-nots' (people) still have some life in the paintings of Bodade.His paintings show the philosophy of common man's life very naturally. He has depicted life in somber and dull hues but fore-grounding one of the items in bright colors has enlightened the depiction. Thus presenting life symbolically.In all the paintings the expression and language spoken is very bold and clear. We are attached at a very personal level. They ask the viewers to communicate with them and develop rapport of man-to-man.

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He has won awards in the exhibitions of M.P. State Best Artists, All India Kalidas Chitrakala Exhibition, Achal Alloys Art exhibition, Dr. Wakankar Smriti Chitrakala exhibition. He is having his collection at New Vidhan Sabha Bhavan, Bhopal, Bharat Bhavan Bhopal, Dabar India, Barman, New Delhi,. L.T.G. Art Gallery, New Delhi, Arushi Art Gallery New Delhi,. Appolo Tyre, New Delhi. Suns Touch Art Gallery, Mumbai, Hero Cycles, Ludhiana. U.S.A., Japan, France, Germany, Dubai, England, Koriya Australia in Private Collections.