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Afzal, a malwa-based painter born in Dewas in 1936, is one of the most talented artists of the time. He has instinctive, passionate, sensuous and devastatingly sharp-vision with genius for matching colors forms and magical luminosity with few equals in the country. As a master-painter, he works extremely quickly, but the brilliance and originality of his painting is unrivalled. By the age of 30 he has already been emerged as an outstanding and daringly, original painter in the country yet he remained a gruff reclusive arid intensely secretive character renowned for his unwillingness to have any one man show of his works.

Afzal is an artist with wide range of creativity. Despite the master of oils, he never lost his fascination for water color as a serious medium in its own right infect, his technique in oils in indebted to his experiments in water color and poster color both. That is why his work, reflects the temperament of both the medium i.e. oil and water In fact by practicing both he attempted to derive quite judiciously an individual version of contemporary visual language.


The style that needs a perpetual toil and perspiration as to explore the possibilities Of medium and excellence, he gained during six decades of his life. No doubt it has been a period of intense activities, personal brooding when he experimented a lot to achieve a new directness and individual idiom of his expression in terms of forms lines and paint.In these canvases every time he shapes his innovations and experiments according to the terms dictated directly by his aesthetic vision, and strong sense of long accepted tradition of Indian painting.


He has been awarded in the following exhibitions Art Exhibition Rajahmundry, Kalidas Painting & Sculputre Exhibition Ujjain, Art Exhibition Raipur, Fine art Exhibition Hyderabad, Education Conference Bhopal, Amrita Shergil fellowship from M.P. Government, Annual art Exhibition Mumbai. He is having his collections at the following places Gallery of modern Art New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad Bhopal, Maha Kaushal Kala Parishad Raipur, Lal Bagh palace Indore, J& K cultural Academy, Shrinagar, Housing & urban corporation New Delhi,HINDU Conference hall, New York.,Kalidas Academy Ujjain, Rupankar Collection Bharat Bhavan Bhopal.