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SANGEET SAMRAT Ustad Razzab Ali Khan

Ustad Razzab Ali khan born at Narsinghgarh in 1948 on the occasion of Janamashatmi. He got his education in music in Kolhapur. But his work mainly concentrated in Dewas. Because of his ability various emperors honoured him. In 1909 maharaja of Mysoor awarded him with "Sangeet Bhushan". Maharaza of Kolhapur awarded him with Sangeet Ratna, While musical society of Mumbai gave him the honour of Sangeet samrat.

In 1953-54 First President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad honoured him with the highest Award of indian music. Along with the art of singing he was also expert in BEEN a flute type instrument.

He was a very simple living person. He believed in simple living high thinking. He was one of the brightest Diamond of Malwa's music garland. People of Dewas still feels his presence by means of his Music. This greatest star of music died on 8th January, 1959.