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Shri Babulal Varma

Shri Babulal Verma born in 1919 in Dewas, is a quiet unassuming and sincere musician since the age of three he had been learning Dholak from his father Sri Jawahar Shastriya. Later on he became the disciple of the renowned Ustad late Jahangir Khan Saheb Sahib Tabla Nawaz (recipient of president's award) and learnt at his feet for approximately twenty years. He is a Class 'A' artist of Akashwani (AIR) and he has invented "BRAMHA VADYA" in 1982 and since 1984 Babulal Verma toured the country popularizing the Bramhavadya with his demonstrations in major cities and between musicians of repute.
Sh.Babulalji composed "Gehritall"(13 matras) of 64 beats (matras) and "Tringatall" (13 matras) which are altogetherhis own creation.

BRAMHAVADYA is a new discovery in the music world. Lack of means and obscure location could not bring the instrument into limelight is deserves in spite of its creation in late 80s.
BRAMHAVADYA is a new percussion instrument-a combination of Dholak and Tabla. It is named after God Bramha. Who have four faces, this too has four performing faces. The combination gives deeper and more vibrant tone than can be produced on either of the conventional instruments viz. Tabla or Dholak.
BRAMHAVADYA in effect is a replacement of Pakhavaj ( Mridung) Dudur. Kundi, Nakkara Damru, Dholak,Tripushkar & Tabla.